Tuesday, November 18, 2008

And still more....

Progress, that is!

Just another quick reminder of BEFORE! Bluck bluck bluck!

So, let's start with where we are basically 'done'. Cabinets painted, and hinges back on and I can live here. In a world where I have a few more bucks to spend I am replacing that hood and that little counter segment RIGHT NOW. As it is, I am pretty content with it. The floor will just wait!

Next door let's visit our microwave. I think the white one fits here so much better and when I finally replace the dishwasher below with white it will really be perfect. I love that some of my very fave cookbooks are right here on display. Eventually I will paint my little impromptu shelf white, but I just cut it really quickly and plopped it in place.Here is one of the upper cabinets. Let's pretend for a moment that I don't have some paper plates in here, still in the wrapper and that somehow a kid's toy didn't migrate right there.
All that remains is to finish the doors and front of the bottom cabinets, which is being delayed by me breaking one, having it glued back and then Duncan knocking it off again and breaking it again. So, after that door is reglued and sanded and apinted I can finish the job.
The BAD news just arrived. Fossil took the Roto Rooter thing over to the house and ran it 100 feet and NOTHING. Still have no flushing capacity. I will have to find my home warranty and figure out who can come and fix this thing. I will do my best not to lose my mind over this.


solarity said...

I'm worrying about your drain, because when mine clogged up way out there away from the house, the pipe had just crumbled to nothing and had to be replaced. Lucky me, this didn't happen until almost a year after I moved in, so I wasn't juggling a dozen other things. Also I had a plumber living next door!

Mary Anne in Kentucky

Anonymous said...

Okay friend I promise- Your package will be mailed tomorrow!!!
I am excited for you to receive it and hope you will enjoy your little house warming package.

The painting is looking fantastic! I have spray painted a stove top hood before and it turned out great- just use greased lightning or something like that to make sure all grease is removed. Could the dishwasher be spray painted??

Looking forward to more pics of progress- but you don't work too hard!



gotsnoopy said...

The kitchen is looking wonderful. I'm envious!

Please keep us updated about the plumbing. It is such a worry.