Thursday, November 13, 2008

Progressing but slowly

For my sanity as well as to answer the "are you all moved" question I am being asked frequently I am gonna make a quicky checklist!
Things I have gotten completely done since I moved
cabinets primed
stuff moved into sunroom
Duncan's floor
our stuff to new house
hens on free range
horses moved
Things I have partially done, but need to finish
Finish kitchen cabinets
unpack our bedroom
paint dining room walls (one out of four walls is done!)
set up living room (being held back by poor planning of where TV is in relation to fireplace)
Things needing done that I haven't even really started
bulbs planted
hen house built
old barn cleaned out/swept (barely started this one, got overwhelmed)
Things that are on our 'long term' to do list:
replace other three walls of panelling in D's room
replace all of our walls
put new trim in living room
get a mantle (sooner rather than later)
Put wood fence across a few more sections of the horse pasture (finances will dictate this one)
In many ways, I feel like I have nothing done. I am still working, chasing Duncan, going to WW meetings and trying to run my household/life/business and so it is slow. Also, Jay has been working horrid hours/days and I have no time to just work without Duncan's "HELP". It takes me about two hours to put a coat of paint on the kitchen cabinets and doors so it is a big project to undertake in a few hours here and there.
This weekend I fully intend to get those bulbs IN the ground and get at least one good coat of finish on the cabinets. I feel that once that big job is tackled I can start one room at a time on the other stuff. Oh yeah, the hen house has to move up what with their run away habits now! :D

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solarity said...

Your list looks almost as bad as mine and you're already sleeping there.
It's finally rained enough to get a shovel in the ground so I can move plants, and now they're forecasting snow for Saturday. Upside--if it snows, I get to Just Rest!

Mary Anne in Kentucky