Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Being Grateful

With Thanksgiving tomorrow, it is only appropriate that I have a post about gratitude. Our sermon on Sunday was about Gratitude. To be sure to be grateful to the right source (God), not be selfish or self-righteous in our gratitude.

I am guilty of selfish gratitude alot. My nightly "grats" are usually about ME or my family. I am often not thinking past my own front door. I will try to be grateful for the bounty of others, the safety of others and just in general the good around the world. I will also try to remember to pray for those who have major harships at this time.

As for our plans for tomorrow. My hubby is working and I will try to be grateful for his job and less cranky that he is working. My family is not coming to our new home for Christmas and I will be happy they are safe and not sad they are not coming. I will be thrilled I have a kitchen in which to cook my dinner. I will be grateful when Jay comes home from work and our family is healthy and happy together.

I had purchased all the food for dinner this weekend but didn't buy a turkey because they were all 14+ pounds. The three of us do not need, nor will we eat that much turkey in short enough time. I looked at turkey breasts, but they were way to spendy. I had decided to find a small one today or just have chicken for T'day. We eat bountifully every day and we can't fathom the hunger our forefathers felt and why harvest was such a thankful time, so I could easily be thankful for chicken or even a meatless holiday. God provided, though. My aunt got a turkey from the local churches in mission and then yesterday her boss gave her another turkey. She didn't need two turkeys and she gave me one. I can almost taste it now.

So with gratitude in my heart I say Happy Thanksgiving to all my freinds, both in real life and cyber ones.

Turkey photo stolen from . I used her recipe for the perfect Thanksgiving turkey a few years ago and my husbands employees (to whom I delivered leftovers) tried to get me to open a restaurant. So, three cheers for Martha!


Daryl said...

When I count my blessings... I count YOU. Happy Thanksgiving!



I had to come over and wish you and yours a
Sorry I haven't been bye much...
Scout ate an 8oz chocolate baking bar and was VERY sick and we really didn't think he would make it. He did have a small sezier(SP?)
and seems to be fine today...I didn't think he would ever get into the bag that wasn't in his reach...those Jack Russells....
The ride sounds great and peaceful.
Take care and enjoy the turkey.