Saturday, November 29, 2008

My souse chef

Thanksgiving did not go as planned, but Duncan and I had fun.
Here he is stirring the trinity for Giblet stock. He was not the best souse chef, since he went missing most of the time.
You may have to click this picture to enlarge to see where he was hiding. At one point he was
laying across this log and I yelled out "what are you doing?" He yelled back, 'sleeping'! LOL
Here is the end result of the work I did. I would have liked to brown her up a bit more after I took off the cheesecloth, but my brother stopped by to see the property and when I went in for the final basting the meat thermometer said "get me out"! I despise dry turkey so when it was ten degree higher than goal I wasn't browning it and risking the breast.

So, don't you think my Souse chef is cute?


Daryl said...

That is one cute (TALL!) chef boy! And I think your bird looked delicious!


Anonymous said...

I have 2 boys and know exactly what you are talking about!!! Gotta love im!!!



Hi Chez,
Your turkey look so Good. Had our Thanksgiving on is so busy this year for me...