Sunday, November 16, 2008

Trying to find Contentment in Crisis

Last night, in order to do some laundry I had to drain the washer into 5 gallon buckets, tote the buckets out the door and dump them. I figured it took about ten per load. My arms are sore. I was feeling very overwhelmed, sad and and angry. As I dumped one load and the littlest snowflakes swirled I thought of my grandmother washer her clothes by hand, one at a time. I dragged my annoyed, but more content self in to get more buckets. How many outhouse trips have you taken in a blizzard? I figure I can be content in this, it is hard, I am working on it.
Today Fossil came to help me with the problem. We snaked from three different entrances, went to town bought a new snake, did it again, put pipes back together and generally wore ourselves ragged. The drain still won't go. We feel, now that the clog is between the house and the septic tank, so tomorrow I rent a big auger and clean out the clog. I am content that I have a Fossil, but I wont' lie and say I am content this is still going on.
I did find solace in the fact that I have a shop. I came to town, bathed Duncan in the dog tub (he thinks it is quite funny), trimmed his hair, put his PJs on and now we head back. I am grateful that I have this option and even if we didn't I coudl have run WARM water from my taps and bailed out buckets, of water from his tub, if I had to!
Let's pray, though, that tomorrow the problem will be resolved and I will be able to appreciate modern convenience again.


solarity said...

Even though I grew up with indoor plumbing, my father didn't (he installed the bathroom, septic tank and field, and water heater in the house while my mother was pregnant with me) and my mother had plenty of experience of no plumbing, so I constantly appreciate how wonderful it is. There's a difference, though, between being content without plumbing, and having to deal with a _failed_ plumbing system. BTDT, but not with children. WIshing you luck!

Mary Anne in Kentucky

gotsnoopy said...

I'm hoping by Tuesday, or even monday, you're back to having normal water. Hang in there, this is NOT the Money Pit, just a little glitch in time.