Monday, November 10, 2008

Long post!

I feel so neglectful for not posting in ages! I have been painting, fixing fence and generally trying to settle into the new 'nest'.
Here is a quicky before and 'during'. The dining room from the back door as it was when we took our last walk through.
Here it is two nights ago with some significant primer to fix the green and that odd 'V' of wood that was under the steps.
I let the hens go free range last week. Here they are this morning looking for bugs... under a

shrub.More later!


gotsnoopy said...

It's all coming together so nicely! I'm hoping you'll have a super first Thanksgiving in your new cottage!

solarity said...

I was beginning to think you were buried under a pile of boxes somewhere, but it was paint buckets instead.

Oh, happy hens! (When I showed my new neighbors from both sides through the new house, and mentioned I was going to try to keep hens after we got settled, both Leonard (from one couple) and Judy (from the other) said "Oh, I love to hear a rooster crow!" so I guess I'd better get one.)

Mary Anne in Kentucky


I missed's a lot of work, moving, painting, unpacking, working and living...
Happy hens:)
Can't wait to see more.