Tuesday, November 4, 2008

BeFloor and After

Here is a quick BEFORE!
I abhor carpet. This was the only room in the house that still had it so getting it gone is step one, then paint that wall off white and then the flooring.
Ta Da! Okay I know we have to do baseboard and eventually I would like to get rid of the panelling altogether, but this is WAY better, don't you think? It is Laminate flooring and looks so clean, fresh and tidy. I also replaced all his electrical covers with safety ones.
I would love to get him a cute rug but he won't leave them alone and we might find it out on the lawn come morning!
Oh...Pssssssst...that little teddy bear pillow in the middle was $2 at goodwill and still had it's tags on. The blue ones were 49 cents and I bought his Mexican Blanket IN Mexico!

Just so you can be a little bittle Jealous of him, here is a picture of his view out his window. It is not a great picture with the screen, but you can see that he will enjoy HORSES out his window.

Go check out the pic I added of D in his costume while your here!


solarity said...

A real floor! Excellent!
You convince me I can do this move. I don't have to refurbish anything, all I have to do is carry the contents of two houses over to the new one and put it all away.

Mary Anne in Kentucky, fellow carpet-hater

Anonymous said...

Great job on your son's room! The stuffed horse is adorable!! and what a great view- I have always loved horses and DH would love to get one but just not in Daves Ramesey's budget for us yet!!! You're making me tired just listening and seeing all the hard work!!



Just keeps looking better and better. Don't wear yourself out.
Great view and take care.

ydontusteponit said...

I love the floor. It looks fabulous!