Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Naughty Hens

Last night I went to Zumba workout class and as I am heading home I get a call from Jay (DH). Have you seen the 'girls' today? I told him yes and he told me they did not go to their appropriate bed and were 'missing'. I told him where they like to hang out and he found their hideout.
When I got home he had two corralled in their bed and the other (LUCY) was upstairs running around like a chicken with....well you know. I was laughing at my hubby picturing his antics in finding them and catching two. I cornered miss Lucy and picked her up. She was mad for a moment then settled down pretty calmly in my arms for a ride back downstairs to her home. Tonight we shall put them to bed a few hours BEFORE pitch dark! LOL


solarity said...

Apparently the hens are jealous of the dogs....

Where was the video camera when it was needed???

Mary Anne in Kentucky


HI Chez,
I guess the hens like to be inside...and I can see your husband trying to gather them up.
Are you all unpacked??