Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A little more contentment

Mary at megardengal.blogspot, has us doing contentment therapy. Stretching our contentment muscles! I have been aware from day to day that I made the contentment commitment. Some days I am grumpy because I want MORE done NOW and then I remember to be content. Happy to have cabinets in need of paint, happy to have owls hooting in the wood behind the property so I am content in this cool fall day as I prepare to go workout with my friends. I will attempt to be content at Zumba class knowing that it is a blessing to have an able body and that despite the abuse I dole out to said body it still carries me around.

Are you content today?

This picture is HORRID, we were moving too fast to be photographed, but my boy loves to ride my godparents 4-wheeler and this is CONTENT at it's finest. If you could also see Billy's face (behind me) he as either terrified or really joyful, he waffled between the two!


gotsnoopy said...

The picture may be horrid, but the smiles are there, for all to see!

Anonymous said...

I love the picture- you can see the delight on all faces!! And your kitchen nook looks great- it is amazing what a little paint will do!! I am sure your chickens are content also having their freedom!!!


Anonymous said...

What a fantastic idea for my breakfast nook!!! I love it and can't wait to ask Bill about how it can be done!!!! Thanks for sharing !

I still have a little something to send you for your house warming- you might not feel comfortable giving me you address and that is fine but if you do just email it to me at rosesandt@yahoo.com

blessings to you!