Saturday, November 1, 2008

First night

Perfect timing for Megardengal's month of contentment therapy! I am scheduling this post, so by the time you read it I will be looking out the windows of my new home, looking at my horses play and getting ready to spend my first night there.

I will continue to do my typical blog posts each day and I will just add how I am focusing on being more content in all the situations that arise. This could be hard for a 'realist' like myself. I tend to be pretty analytical and instead of 'half full or half empty' I see it as "Just half". I actually am a 'get up and dust off girl' so I am pretty content much of the time. I will just take some time to enjoy more moments. I hope to share those moments with you and am glad that Mary is inspiring us to be more content.

So, off I go to sleep in my NEW house my first night.


Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful night's sleep in you new home!!! How fun!

Tonight I came home very tired from work and had to cook for a family that is staying with us (with not job or place to go)- Afterwards I wanted to just veg and go watch a mindless movie but they were already watching something on our only tv- the grumbling started but then- how can I be content in this? Thank Jesus I have a house and tv I can share with this family and decided to come upstairs and check on my contentment group of ladies and got blessed!!!

solarity said...

I came by to say I finally set up a blogger account to record my move and its aftermath. Stony says hi!

Mary Anne in Kentucky


Hi Chez,
It is good to be content..that is something I can also work on. I have so much and am so Blessed. Have a great night in your new HOME.

Anonymous said...

Hey- how was your first night in your new home!??
I have a little something for you and wanted to ask you if you would send me your address via my email so I could send it to you- my email is

Blessings to you!

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hope you had a good nights sleep! I'm sure you're a little worn out from all the packing and unpacking. You've been doing alot of work and your kitchen is really looking soooo much better!! Isn't it incredible what some paint can do??
Have a good week sweetie and remember... one day at a time!
Hugs, Sherry