Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Other people's trash

So this is the entry to my 'old barn'. It will need some sprucing in the time to come, but for now it is alright. It was without anything (except the stump and cinder block) and I found everything you see on the road with a FREE sign. The cute aged chair, the water can, the tin cone on the wall and the little bird feeder on the stump.

Also a cast iron thing I will show you later, two cast iron window flower holders?, and a sundial (also cast).

Much of it is getting put INSIDE the old barn for winter, but next year I have some goodies with which to decorate!

I cleaned out some of the old barn today and was watching as my girls had their first trip around the yard, they are free range hens now! I also got to see a 'rare sight', a horse chasing a dog! My 3YO horse is a fool and was playing with my dog! :D I nearly fell over laughing at them. I don't think Star thought it was as funny as Jake!


Daryl said...

Whoa! Most excellent trash collecting! That looks terrific.
Go you!


solarity said...

A herding horse! Excellent.
A nice "trash" composition. I moved two small loads today, including one of my father's road chairs and the old television cabinet that he turned into a sheet music cabinet for my mother and me. Tired now.

Mary Anne in Kentucky

Anonymous said...

This is the cutest trash I've seen and looks great outside your barn! Would love to see your horse chasing the dog! One time I saw a roadrunner (New Mexico state bird) chasing a bunny rabbit around a tree! Where are the cameras when you need them!!!



gotsnoopy said...

Great to see you're getting things done, girl! Love the free stuff, it all looks so nice at your barn.