Saturday, November 15, 2008

House owning at it's finest!

We are calling Fossil (again). We have a clog at the laundry area and so while washing clothes my spin cycle filled my shower with water, overflowed the toilet and generally made for a rough couple of days for me! We tried clog remover and it helped a tiny bit, but not enough, so Fossil comes soon to snake the drain!

We likely have a new foster coming Monday and so we need to ready the fence for a potentially race-high Thoroughbred. My wonderful neighbor (From in town) Jeff is coming tomorrow to help me build my hen house. I may not have a LOAD of friends, but I have some really good ones!

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gotsnoopy said...

Well, I've been praying, and I'm hoping today you can flush! Please update us.

And yes, you DO have wonderful friends, probably because you are one also!