Monday, December 1, 2008

A big Thank you

Mary sent me a housewarming package. Lots of goodies were inside!
Even the box was very sweetly done!Included were these cute little blue lovebirds who just cried to go in my china cabinet.

Mary remembered my pink and blue addiction when she added this plate.

The cutest little birdhouse. I must admit I have already put a little Christmassy bird in there perched on some holly. :-D Shhhh...I had to do some 'creative construction' to pull this off.

A lovely set of mismatched silverware. I put it right in my drawer as is. I warned my hubby STRONGLY against using them for now. I like to savor the 'giftiness' of things beribboned.

Underneath all the things you see are two very pretty floral prints. I can' wait to find the perfect frames for them and hang them after Christmas decorating season wanes.
A few months ago when I began blogging it was to make myself focus a little more on my inner creative self and I did just that. What I did not expect is the friends I am making. You made my day Mary and am glad to have made you as a blog friend.


Anonymous said...

Oh I am so glad you got the package! Hope you will enjoy all the little things and maybe think of me when you see them!

I have an older (92 yrs young) friend who always served tea and she had lots of mismatched silver spoons which she placed in a spooner dish- it's one of the many ideas I picked up from her-


Susan S. said...

I enjoyed finding your blog, seeing the progress of the house and hearing about your Sous Chef! Have a blessed day!

Anonymous said...

Hi Cheryl-when you have a little time come over to my blog for a little visit- you've been tagged for a fun little game.



Hi Chez,
That is awesome that Mary sent you a house warming gift:) There are so many wonderful gals out here. Looks like you found places for your new tresures to go.
Christmas JOY to you.

Daryl said...

Mary is a good soul! And guess what? Those bottom two spoons match some of MINE!! How cool is that? Happy housewarming. Makes my wheelbarrow gift seem awfully boring!
Cheers! Daryl