Thursday, September 18, 2008

A topic with no photos???

For some reason, blogger refuses to let me upload instead of the cute pink rose cups I was going to share I have to do a verbal dance. Sadly, that will be the equivalent of my old dog tap dancing to music she can't hear. Just not all that funny and definately not classy.

So, just a quick note to my readers. Fall is in the air here. The air condition is off, the windows are open and it is lovely. I picked green peppers, an eggplant and a few tomatoes today. I also figured out why "squirrel corn" is not 'decorating indian corn' Little tiny moths. So my fall decoration from a week or so ago has been dismantled and the squirrels got it as originally intended.

Yesterday, we took Duncan to Anderson Orchard. We have two great orchards, but Anderson is bigger and has U-pick so we went there for this visit. Also they seem to get their Jonagold's out sooner. I LOVE them...I wait ALL year for Jonagold's and eat them until they are no longer available and then think about the next years crop. There isn't much better than a Jonagold with some peanut just tastes like Autumn to me.

Well, blog-gals I hope you are all enjoying our upcoming fall and we can hope Blogger will let me show you little teacup pictures next week.


gotsnoopy said...

Hmm, would that JonnaGold have Peter Pan Creamy on it? A favorite of mine!

No pictures is okay, great descriptions of the coming of fall is good!

Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

I love apples this time of the year. It's usually the only time I buy them on a regular basis. I bought a big bag of Galas today!