Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pay It Forward

Debbie Kay at My Vintage Daydreams was part of a Pay It Forward 'game' and I took part.

The little thing she sent me is as beside. My personal camera needs new batteries so I 'stole' a picture online. It is the Gibney house in South Bend, Indiana. It is an adorable PINK house and as a Hoosier I appreciate her selection for me. Thank you Debbie.
As for the are the RULES:
I am going to send something to the first three people who comment on this post. Then those three people promise to send something to the first three individuals who comment on their posts and so on, and so on, and (you get the picture).The item must be something you've made, found, bought or were given AND it should be something that you would like to receive yourself.If you want to join the fun....PLEASE leave a message on this post and then, you in turn will post about the giveaway on your blog.Then you will send something to the first three individuals who sign up.
Now a KEY is you must have a site or blog. So a few of my 'pals' who post have to get blogs.
Let's have fun bloggettes!

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Pink Slippers said...

Just breathe and remember God is in control. Ask Him to open and close the doors. That way you know it is ALL Him. Wendy