Friday, September 19, 2008

Here they are....

Celebrating the return of my ability to UPLOAD photos on blogger....

Here are my GOODWILL cups.
I got them intending to do a 'crafty' thing with them, but I could NOT put glue on them. I don't have alot of pink in my home, but these are SO pretty. I love the roses, I love that there are roses INSIDE. Everywhere you look is pretty.
Now guess how much each? FORTY NINE cents! Oh yeah! I got three cups two saucers and three dessert plates. They are nice. If you go back and look at my pumpkin pie a few days ago, you will see I took them with me to grandma's house.
The final pic here, is of them on my maternal grandmother's drum table, next to maternal grandmother's silver. Ahhhhh...I love the old, the new and the thrifty.
And for the perfectionist in you...I will remind blog, take pictures and live life, even if your table needs refinished, your grout needs redone and your fork is not perfectly level. Live life, eat pie and love what you have!


Carolyn said...

I just jumped over from Martha’s Blog. I wanted to say Hi and nice Blog.

Stop by and visit me sometime…..


Joanne Kennedy said...


I did leave a comment before but for some reason it didn't show up. How strange.

Yes! I love love love these. I mean really, pink and roses! Come on!

Oh I LOVE goat cheese. There is nothing better. Don't get me wrong. I just couldn't bring in to the house and then drink it later. Same with eggs.

I don't normally eat eggs but of course will eat things they are cooked cake. So I'm sure I have eaten them. I just don't like to know I am.

I told you I'm one strange person. I wasn't kidding. LOL

Are you going to make fresh cheese? I can't wait to hear how it comes out. Do you know how to do that? Now I would eat the cheese or butter. See, strange. Don't try to figure me out. Heck, I can't even understand my strange ways. LOL