Thursday, September 4, 2008

Someone change the subject....

We have made our offer on the house and are waiting. From what I understand there are several showings and the sellers are trying to see if they get better. It makes me crazy. I wish they had let us come see it two weeks ago when we found it instead of waiting until the 'cleaned'. I have to get my mind off of it and stop freaking out so I went to Barnes and Noble.
I found a great deal! (click the pic) A 750 Decorating Ideas book for $6. They also had some cool books of botanical prints for cheap. (see below, click again). If we weren't house hunting I would have probably bought a couple. You figure ten bucks and you have fifty PLUS framable prints? Now, you can order them online or more fun go to your local store.

No I am not being paid by B/N, they are just a great place to go "hide out" when my stress level is up. I can go from amped up to calm and cool in about five minutes in a chair with a book in hand.

Have a great night!


Joanne Kennedy said...

Good luck on winning that house. I'll think good thoughts for you and say a prayer that if you are meant to be there you will.

Did you get my address?



I hope you get the house..I know it's nerve racking waiting..
Great deals at the book store, may have to check that out, so thanks for the heads-up!
Deb :)