Friday, September 26, 2008

A little walk through...

I took over 80 photos, but I will not bore you all 80...maybe 79? LOL
Okay, just maybe five!
he first pic is from the kitchen doorway to the dining rom. It is clear to me that their dogs have been reading ads while they are not home. I wonder what they ordered online?
The next pic is a picture of the 'old barn' from the back door (kitchen entry). I have a real affection for old buildings, so I adore this barn.
This is the back door of the old barn and is under a lean to which needs a little work, but this door, to me, oozes history and now FUTURE.

This is the NEW barn and the main run-in for the horses. My horses will be happy to have all this freedom. Well, except for pitiful Kismet, who thinks he should be in his stall as much as possible eating.
This final picture (for today) is of the sunroom from the 'far' wall looking towards the main entrance.

We are less than 4 weeks from closing and so I am getting very excited.

Let me know what other pictures you want to see!


Joy said...

How exciting for you! It looks like it will be a lovely home for you. You'll have to share more pics when you move in.

gotsnoopy said...

how about sending us five a day for a while! I loved the pics, and can hardly wait for more!

Really love the old barn too.


Wow, your closing is coming up fast :)
Let's see, how about more of the inside of the house and whatever else you want to show us:)
Have a great weekend.