Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Great Grandma Roe

Gramma Roe has been gone for quite some time. She lived alone into her early nineties. I remember the cool way her stairs would creak under my feet at night. I remember her down mattresses and the way the roof sloped down over the bed I would sleep in.

Another thing I remember from her home is THIS GUY. My grandma gave him to me a few weeks ago when I as at her home. I do not collect cobalt blue, but isn't he gorgeous and he really does look outstanding on Gramma Roe's hutch.

Grandma also gave me this, I will find a seperate place for it at the new house.

I love the hutch they are sitting on and I need to get it 'fixed'. I just can't decide whether to have it restored or not...decisions decisions... (not the missing veneer under the swan) and dust that became one with a bad finish job.

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