Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Martha's blog episode

Hi, my name is Chez and I have an addiction. Every day I leave my work for an hour, abandoning my assistant, to watch Martha Stewart. Today I was especially happy for my addiction.

The whole hour was about blogging. As a relative blog-newbie (blewbie?) I have been so inspired by fellow bloggers. Having to do a blog each day has made me look a little closer at things in my every day life.

I think that over the years Martha has inspired so many of us. Whether our style and her style were 'alike' or whether they were different. She showed us that women could be housekeepers and still be valuable, then that women could be business women and still be feminine and still love hearth and home. I love that blogging allows all of US to show OUR style and share with everyone, including Martha, in some cases.

So, everyone link to Martha's blog and check out what she has been up to. Lovely blogs in the past about her mother, her dogs and more have even brought me to tears. Just click the 'stolen header' above and you will be at "Martha's place".

Now, regular readers, be sure to check out my happy cottage fabric on yesterday's post.



Hi Chez,
That was cute..I haven't seen Martha in ages..I've been into blogging and not TV :)
The fabric looks so's all the paperwork going? When are you closing on your new house? Have you started packing??
It's almost the weekend..hurray.
Warmly, Deb

Anonymous said...


I found it interesting that you are a pet stylist. What a wonderful job!
We have three dog and a cat.
Two labradoodles and a Westie.

I like your blog.

Have a wonderful day!


Anonymous said...

I'm in total agreement with you. I've been a Martha disciple for years, first attracted to the way she elevated housekeeping to an art and science. Now I love how she's adapted her business to all facets of the modern media, like blogging. Love her or not, she has good ideas and an excellent eye for design.

Shabby Addict said...

I love how big blogging has become! It's great of Martha to promote it because it brings everyone together no matter how far apart!

Those fabrics you found are absolutely beautiful!