Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The hubs saw the House....

He loves it. I actually like it ALOT, especially the part where I have an ARENA for my horses (outdoor) and where I can just move my horses RIGHT over. I also see WORK. DH doesn't tend to see all this paint to be scraped/sanded and repainted. I like they weren't afraid to paint cabinets, but I must say BYE to this green!Here is another showing some of the 'light' you get downstairs. It is a walkout basement. Right outside the kitchen window is GROUND. I like it. I want to remove the scallop above the sink so the windows open WIDE and grow HERBS right outside. Cooking...pop open window, yank herbs, cook with them. Am I a nut or what? Here is the front sunporch from outside. The homeowners did this whole addition we got quite the explanation from the man. He was telling us about the hip roof and completely boggling my mind. He was so proud of the copper gutters, and the overhang and the way the panels went up and it was really cute. This is the entry to the sunporch. There is a Hydrangea and Lamb's ear growing there. Others are in pots. There is stone left from the siding here to build up a little more soil right here....hmmmm what to grow? Now these are going to look 'sad' if you aren't cottage minded like us, but here are the steps to upstairs. I think they need paint, but I LOVE them! I feel like this house has HISTORY and it is such a crafstman bungalow place.
The place isn't without work and I need more pics (battery died) but I think I can live here and I will enjoy having a doggy door, a barn and LAND!

Tomorrow we make an offer....tomorrow I stress about money and I start focusing on getting this place 'more rentable' instead of 'nesting'.

Those of you who are the praying kind please do so. I did all the numbers (in Quicken) and we will be tight for a few months. We will have to buy a few hundred bales of hay, move the horses, pay all the bills here, put a new front door in here and so forth. After January things will loosen back up and we can breath.

Thanks for listening!


Joanne Kennedy said...

You got my prayers! Sounds like a wonderful place for you and it will be perfect after you put your touch to everything.

Man I wish I lived by you. I would love to come help you fix up your new home and play with your horses and dog.

I'm so happy for you! Can't wait to hear how it goes tomorrow. Good luck!


The Old Painted Cottage said...

Those steps made my heart go pitter-patter. I have always dreamed of old wooden steps like those. Enjoy!


momof4sweetsisters said...

I really like those stairs! Still haven't had a chance to paint those pins.... As far as Bible, I do so much better when I'm involved in a study that I have to do. I have been tempted to move on and get the day going, but I have 4 chickadees to keep me accountable! Yikes!

gotsnoopy said...

I love it, Chez! And believe it or not, I even love the green kitchen. I really like the scalloping on the cabinetry. I had it in my old house and hey! - I also have it here, just had to think twice. But I like the way the kitchen seems to be laid out.

I love the staircase! Well, I love all the pics of it!

You can bet I'll be praying hard for things to go well! I was fortunate with the house I bought, they had few bites, because of the house that was in horrid disrepair next door. Great thing was, after I moved in, the house next door had a complete makeover, inside and out. It had been abandoned when the owner, an elderly man, had died in it. Family argued about it, and the "house" and property sold for $36K. She got quite a deal, as she told me she paid about $25K for the redo, and it's quite pretty.

I'll be hoping for you!