Sunday, September 7, 2008

Spiritual Sundays

More time in the word...

Well, I struggled thinking with my blessings this week I should write about "gratitude". Then with my possible new home in the country I should talk about 'steweardship' and how being "green" isn't really just a NEW FAD. Then I thought I should talk about being prayerful in general, the closeness of God and how we often miss him when we are Too busy.

Then I realized I was having some difficulty coming up with verses. I know some that come to mind, but have NO clue where they are in the bible. I have a rough idea of New versus old Testament, but not much else. I know some basic things like the stories in Genesis, Job, Ruth, Esther and I know Mathew, Mark, Luke and John alright. I know that Luke is where to send new Christians. There are other tidbits, but I can't name a bunch of verses and where they come from. I know Jesus said not to worry, but where did he say that again?

I became acutely aware that I need to read and STUDY my bible. I have to OPENLY admit I have never finished a "read the bible' in a year plan. I have finished the New Testament a few times and gotten well into the Old Testament. At some point in the few months into it I choose to "go to sleep" without doing my reading. Then I get behind enough I get overwhelmed (Despite being something like SEVEN pages a day) and then I quit.

I really do need to find more time each day to do Devotions, Read and Pray. I always do well and mean well, but need to find a way to DO it. I might need to get a 'group' together. My issue there is timing. Once my son is up and at 'em each day there is NO stopping, once he is in bed, there is no mental energy for me. I will choose a time today while he is in school and pick up where I left off in April(ish) and work on finishing READING the whole book. I will not let myself have a few day lapse turn into a few week lapse and quitting.

I often feel like I am the road in teh parable of the sower. How do I get the gravel out of my heart so the seeds can get in?

Will you join me today in finding time to be "in the word" and if you are already doing so, pray that your "blog pal" will make time for hers?

I am off to church to see one of my favorite visiting preachers. He is a STORYTELLER and you would love him. Check out "Tommy Oaks" online. He is good, he is entertaining and he just makes you remember what you are learning.


Charlotte said...

What an honest open post. I know you are not alone in struggling to balance your life. Believe me it is a life-long struggle. Two years ago on New Years our church handed out brochures with a day by day reading to read through the Bible in a year. When the first year went by and I was only up to about April I told myself. OK. I'll just keep going and maybe I can finish it in two years. I am up to September now. I will have to hurry if I finish it this year. I know I can do it in three. I have read the Bible through in the past but it was a long time ago. What I am trying to say is "Don't be discouraged. It sounds to me like you are on the right track."

Kathi~Lavender, Lace and Thyme said...

I think it's difficult for a lot of us to keep up in our daily reading but I want to encourage you to read your daily Bible. I enjoyed my Bible in a year so much and I learned a lot. It was always the last thing I did before drifting off to sleep. I should go back and do it again. Press on!

Have a blessed Sonday!
Kathi :)

ginger at enchanting cottage said...

What a great post. I am reading the new testament now. I just started. To me its not only about finishing but about understanding it. Thank-you for your encouragement.


I so appreciate your blog today. I skipped church and haven't had any time in the Word for a while...I am thankful that Bible Study Fellowship will start next week and that Really helps me get into the Word. I also must admit I spend too much time blogging and am taking a couple of days away to take care to stuff. We can sure pray for each other to have "sometime" each day, even a few minutes with God..I so hear you!!!I don't have a plan to read the Bible in a year...I just need to Read it..
Glad you get to see the house again and looking forward to seeing the photos..
Warmly, Deb :)

Shanda said...

I need to slow down alot more and study the bible more than I do. Thank you for reminding me and I surly know that I am not alone.
Your minister sounds interesting. I love the story telling kind. Have a blessed day,

Joyfulsister said...

I also love you honesty and for sharing your heart with us , Please don't be hard on your self I know we all have been there especilly with little ones. When my kids were little I would just find a scripture, write it on an index card and just meditate on it whenever I got a chance, I would post it on my fridge, my bathroom mirror lol. Also another great idea is having the bible on CD or DVD, just letting it play as you do your chores or just driving to your errands.

Blessings Lorie

Anonymous said...

If God is everywhere, and there's no place He's not, then God is in you even when your not at church or reading His word.
God thank you for this blogger reaching out to our hearts. She is on the right track.
We love you
gail&callie =^..^=
take a look and listen at this website...make sure you have kleenex.