Friday, September 5, 2008

Can't wait to paint.....

Luckily, the barn is horse ready and the outside of the house doesn't need any "immediate" work so we can just focus on my FIRST objectives.
As soon as we get possession (late Octoberish) which is THESE cabinets. Again, I really admire people for going for THEIR likes, but Wow, these have to go. I am going to take a drill and get those doors off and out on the back deck and stand and sand while my horses play. Then I am going to sand the frames etc.. Then a good coat of Kilz2 and then I have to decide on color. I am contemplating white frames and doors with light blue insides? I have to contemplate if any of those cabinets can be door less. Also I am finding tons of cool pics of "no top cabinets' only open shelves or plate racks. It really does open up the space visually.
The other thing I am thinking about is the 'sunroom'. It is 10 x 22 and gorgeously done. I can't wait to get pics. The things I am contemplating are putting a bed in the 'far end' (away from the entryway. Some of my best memories of my pal Daryl's house are: The sound of loons from the front porch, dinner on the front porch, sleeping on the front porch and sitting in a chair next to that daybed and chatting while listening to the loons mentioned above. Sadly, Daryl is in bed, so I had to steal this picture and she has NONE of the bed end on her website. However, you get the idea. This would be standing halfway from the bed to the dining room table. In my case the door in on the end, so you would stand in the doorway, see a table and chairs, then some seating and then a bed. I just want to drive out there to see the stars from my new front yard, but fear that a restraining order doesn't jive well with the upcoming closing.
The picture below is from Lowe's Creative Ideas Magazine (click the pic) and just a thought for 'down the line'. I won't want to put holes in the ceiling, until I am SURE.

I guess, you get the idea, it is ONE in the morning and here I sit 'contemplating' the way I will decorate a sun room I won't have possession of for MONTHS. By the way, I have already packed two boxes of books and a box of 'Donate' stuff that isn't worth moving.



Hip HIp Hurray...
This will be so fun watching you decorate your new home :) I am so excited for you..
cool..I didn't know you have sister has 3 that she has to board.
Now the packing starts :)
Have fun, take care and I'll stop back. See if you can go back to the new house and take more pictures...
Warmly, Deb :)


I've enjoyed reading your blog today. I'll be checking back!!

Edie Marie's Attic said...

I am so excited for you! What a darling house, lot's of character! and you'll be adding much more. The kitchen will be great when you're you've worked your magic on it. Oh I can hardly wait to see everything you do!!
Hugs, Sherry