Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The stress of househunting...

My realtor and I went today and went inside the LHH and it has the most gorgeously finished front sunroom and has great floors in the living room, need to be painted or redone, but gorgeous wide plank hardwoods. It has a very cottagy feel and needs a bit of work, but nothing that made me faint.
I now have to decide if this is a GOOD time to do this or wait. I would prefer to have a few thousand more in savings going in, but don't know if that is just my inner pessimist or my inner SMART person. :-D
Friday my hubby goes to see it and he will be more critical of the HOUSE b/c I was much more concerned that my ponies would like the barn. Oh yeah and the garage has the COOLEST loft (old barn) and there is an old secretary that has been abused in there (Not the human kind). I am thinking if we make an offer it stays for me to clean up. :-D
If money was no object I would have made the offer today, but alas, bills to pay and I will not use credit cards to buy stuff when we move. I don't fear Santa is watching me, but DAVE RAMSEY is! LOL
My good, albeit silly, news for the day is that my washer is 'fixed'. I say 'fixed', b/c it wasn't broken at all...after TWO years I triggered some 'load unbalance' sensor and it shut itself off and I was afrait to make it worse and STOPPED using it and alas the guy charged me ONLY forty to tell me I was a goober. Technically, he was here awhile waiting and watching it spin and such, so he could have charged more!
So I hope everyone has a marvelous night and I think I will sell "Thelma" and see if I can use that money to get my winter hay if I buy the property!



Of course, I'll give my little Jackson a big kiss on his little muzzle :) He gets kisses all day and sometimes I think he rolls his eyes at me :)
My husband is a realtor and has his own co...and I was a realtor, so if LOVE the house,then buy it or make an offer. Go with your feelings :)
Warmly, Deb

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the suggestion on my wallpaper ceiling!
THe house sounds like a charmer- proud of you for all your hard work so you can buy your dream house! I know all about needing to get back on a budget. WE will be facilitating another class in a few weeks and I told DH we have got to get back on a budget. WE have a house back in NM still for sale so it is a little difficult with all the extra going out right now!! :) mary

gotsnoopy said...

I'm commenting on Monday and Tuesday in one!

I love the house, Chez! Hoping it works for you! And I so remember that stress of househunting, as I did it nearly three years ago. It's something I covered myself with prayer before doing! I'll be looking for an update on Friday or Saturday.

I really, really like the ceiling light. And that like doubled when I saw the finished project! Even at $4.00, it's a great deal, so you still did well!

momof4sweetsisters said...

Thanks for your comment. I thought about painting them, but it just hasn't happened. I did put the ruffle on and it looks great...not over done. Are you all renting? Now is a great time to buy, if you got the moola! NOOOOOO credit or debt please!!!!

Joanne Kennedy said...

That house sounds perfect! Can't wait to see more of it. I'm about ready to go read the post to see what hubby thought.

Ooh paint the house pink!