Saturday, September 27, 2008

Exciting day!

Today was a busy day. I had clients all morning and then was invited to a Fall party. The party was thrown by a family who will be my neighbors in a few weeks. They asked for our information and invited us already. How great is that?
I also finished a project I started Thursday. I found the following poor, sad and neglected framed mirror at Goodwill. I nearly walked away, b/c even with paint I didn't want him on my wall. Then when I found NOTHING else I came back to him. I sat him in the little basket and stared until I pictured him covered in candles (and of course white paint).
So home he came and I quickly removed the mirror, cleaned everything and then painted the frame. Something still wasn't 'right' so I just stuck some pumpkins in him to make him feel like he was loved. :-D
Then last night I tooled around trying to find some 'feet'. Everything was too big or too fussy for the size of this project so I ended up getting those wooden buttons you put in furniture to cover holes. It doesn't make it tall, but just gets it a little off the table. I will keep my eye out for better feet.
Here it is with just candles on it. I like it
Here it is all decked out for Halloween, complete with shelled Indian Corn and some various squash.
I also did this quick project with a simple glass vase, Indian corn and a candle.
Then to add YAY to a great day I got a package from a good groomer pal, D'Gaye. She sent me several things I will show more later, but for now the cool pumpkin below and the doily (especially for Grandma's drum table). I am going to find some cool coordinating Indian corn (whole) and other stuff to make that little pumpkin shine.

Then......on my way home from the party and the barn....I see sitting by the road....................

Yes, yes that is right this was FREE on the side of the road. Jealous? How about if I tell you there was a PAIR? LOL

Yes, a pair of wing back chairs with Queen Ann legs for FREE! The fabric isn't in bad shape, they are comfy ad how pretty will those legs be painted? They may earn some slip covers or maybe a reupholstery down the line. For now they are going to get a good cleaning and see where they choose to live in my new house.

More new house pics soon, I promise, but SOOOOOOOOO much excitement today who can add any more pictures?


Joy said...

Your mirror tray looks great.
Boy did you score BIG getting two wing backs for free! They look like they're in good shape too. How exciting!

Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

What a great idea to put feet on that mirror! I wouldn't have even thought of that but I love it!!!

D'Gaye said...

;Glad you like your stuff....see I post on your blog too....just give me time to get through everything.