Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Little things....big difference

Find a way to make changes with out spending all your change can be challenging. I have purchased many roseback chairs over the years. Many needed work, some I even had to use for parts for the 'other chairs'. I have one that still has a 'nick' out of it that I am going to fix with wood putty before I paint them.

So, this week I went and bought fabric. My living room has alot of green in it, my china has blue and I needed something to 'tie' it all together.

I went to Joann Fabric with my hubby on Sunday and after a little tiff because he pointed to some black fabric and I said "yuck". Finally, we found something I liked and Jay didn't hate. When I get moved and get the chairs painted I will post pics of the full before and the final after. It was on sale and I spent a total of 21 dollars.

I bought an extra yard of fabric, plus I should have a pretty good sized (2yard) strip about six inches wide left. I may try my hand at a few braided placemats with it. Hmmmmm?I am goning to keep enough to redo Duncan's chair a few times before I change fabrics. Figure five years maximum before I change it.
Now bear in mind this is the chair needing wood putty and sadly that blue peeking out is NOT the ugliest fabric I am going to be changing. :-D
So what little change have you made this week?


gotsnoopy said...

I love the fabric, I LOVE the chair! Can't wait to see the finished product(s).

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the after photos of the dining room. What would we do without Joann Fabrics?

Anonymous said...

You go girl, keep fixin up things around the on a budget. You are very creative, keep doing what you are good at.
Visit my blog anytime-
Blessings, Karen