Friday, February 5, 2010

My mundane task

Yesterday I challenged you to find the mundane to do to keep/make your house nicer!

So I share a picture that shows some of my 'issues'. This is from the previous house, but it is the only one I could find. I know how to delete bad pictures and crop, so I have cropped out 'yuck' from most of my pics.

First, I have a little sigh seeing Reckless in the background in her bed, I still miss her. Anyway,
You can see the top of my coffee table, which isn't always the case, but you can see there is something UNDER Reckless' bed. Under the tug o' war toy are Jay's shoes, there are his jeans laying on a a bench across the table.
and one of Duncan's shirts is also under the table. Clutter falls EVERYWHERE in my house. With Jay, Duncan, the dogs and myself stuff just multiplies. By the time I work, take care of animals, make dinner, clean up dinner, get the kiddo in bed and fall over...things get put aside. So my MUNDANE task that I avoid is cleaning. Years ago when I found FLYLADY I would clean one day a week. My house would be spotless Friday night and by Tuesday a train wreck. It isn't like that any more...I do more daily routines, 27 FLINGs and such, but it just isn't second nature for me. After refinishing floors last week and not being able to do my daily stuff, it got out of control. I did some cleaning last night, prepped dinner for tonight and so forth.
I want badly to paint a cherub I bought, I want to pull down panelling in our bedroom, I want to build a tack room in my barn and paint the cabinet in the bathroom. Those things would be great for blogging.
Cleaning my living room, scrubbing the toilet, shining my sink...those things...they just don't seem FUN or blogworthy or noteable...but they are THE most important. I have been in some impressive houses, with architecture for days, expensive furniture, great floors and if they were messy that was all you noticed. I have also been in tiny, scantilly furnished cabins/cottages and been truly impressed with how LOVED those homes were.
So my MUNDANE task for myself this day/week/ to be more diligent about picking up those shoes, shirts and papers so that I can enjoy things like my floor, my mantel and just my house.
and honestly, I still can't tell you what that is under Reckless' bed!

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solarity said...

Come on, give us a shiny sink post! Maintaining is important.

Mary Anne in Kentucky