Thursday, February 4, 2010

The boring stuff!

Somehow we all love a makeover...redo...declutter...makeover! The more extreme the better! We like to watch shows with dumpsters full of people's overpurchasing, pack-ratting ways.

What we don't want to see is the day to day that we do to prevent ourselves from getting that need. The fixing a door hinge before it falls off, the new gravel in the driveway, daily chores and more.

TV and blogland has brought us face to face with "You can fix it" but it also reinforces our need for instant gratification!

So today I challenge all my blog friends to do something mundane for the sake of NOT having a big thing to do later!

What can you do today?


solarity said...

I can't think of anything that fits exactly. This afternoon I brought in a lot of wood before we start five days of rain/snow/sleet, but that's simple preparedness. I have some socks to mend, but to sew on black I need bright sunshine...see forecast above.

Daryl said...

Good challenge. I'll have to ponder it!