Thursday, February 11, 2010

It's all relative

Sometimes when reading blogs I become MORE dissatisfied with my house. My perfectly happy home becomes NOT good enough. I need something TALLER for this shelf or I need to get MORE frames, more furniture, less clutter, more money......just get overtaken.

I think I am going to claim Thursday as THANKFUL THURSDAY....where I ask that you look at it from a "Thank God I have this" standpoint. When a blogger you love says "no dishwasher" like that is sacrilige, I give you the right to snicker at them.....

So share something today that isn't perfect, may never be, but you are just grateful to have a place to lay your head each night!
So sadly, I have been SO ashamed of our bedroom (that and there are always dogs about) that the only pic I have of it was with inspectors in the closet! LOL But here it is. Ugly panelling...needing closet door...foam/something ceiling tiles and all.

I do want it fixed up eventually, but I am grateful it. My hubby and I find rest there every night, it stays warm in winter and cool in summer and it is MINE. I do have big dreams for it, and they may or may not come true. What matters is that I stop focusing on the negative...and what I can't acheive.
I don't ask that you accept less than you deserve or live in unsafe or dirty or...environments, but let's not nitpick our lives to unhappiness!
Go enjoy your house today....and YES it's okay if you ENJOY remodeling or whatever....but don't nag yourself to death today!


Chris said...

Amen sistah! Whats the fun in EVERYthing already done? What would I paint? What would I sand? It's more fun and more satisfying to work hard for something than it is to be handed something.

~Mary said...

I LOVE the idea of Thankful Thursday...(I may just steal it!) Thanks for the reminder to be happy with what we have. I too live debt free and need to remember that that, in and of itself, is a great blessing!