Thursday, January 28, 2010

A few more photos of the floor

I am planning on doing ONE more floor this year (maybe May), so I will hopefully do a 'tutorial' style pictures!

Here is the Living Room before and after! We still have to reinstall trim and whatnot, but what a difference....also excuse all the rubbish in the first picture...when I vacated the office stuff I made a train wreck and didnt' bother to sweep before snapping this! :D Here are pics of D's room before and after!

The following are the Master Bedroom
First the amount of old stain/varnish and yucky oldness.More of where previous contractors decided to clean out their paint machien on the floor, which was going under carpet at the time.
the after room! There are some darker areas and spots from where carpet padding had gotten damp and sat there. I despise carpet for this reason. How anyone pulls up old carpet sees what LIVES under there and puts it back down is beyond me! :D

I couldn't be much prouder of myself, I have to say!


Daryl said...

When you gonna come help me do MY floors? You done GOOD, girlfrien'!

solarity said...

Wow. That's a lotta floor there. Color me impressed.

Mary Anne in Kentucky