Saturday, January 10, 2009

Found it.....

I was about to head home Saturday from work. I decided to swing by Goodwill and see if there was anything NEW. I was not hopeful. I went the desk I liked, but was overpriced was still there, someone is gonna get some nice patio furniture but a bit pricey and I was about to head home and I looked past a small sofa and saw IT! The table I needed for my living room. It has had better days, it needs sanded and painted, it needs LOVE, but it was 15.99. Have a look at those legs and it looks almost identical to the one in my sunroom. This one is in worse shape, so I won't feel a bit guilty about painting this one. The other will stay wood colored and stay on the sunporch. Tis one will go to live in the living room. At this rate, everything I own will be a 'drop leaf'!
Isn't it begging you to be white? I think it was quite a steal!

If you are, this looks familiar! Check out my OTHER one!

oh...and yes sometime we intend to refinish those floors! LOL....also that is Xubi poodle in the foreground and Star behind him!


Mrs.RGS said...

Oh my, what a steal. That table has beautiful lines and is begging you to paint it and love it. The one in your sunroom is terrific too. I agree with you, your new one needs painting but your older one is fine the way it is.
Don't apologize for the floors. Our home is a work in progress, too. It takes time -- and money, in some cases. You have lots to do just getting through each day. I'm amazed by how much you get done.

solarity said...

I didn't take time to comment on your earlier post and tell you you would find something, so now I can't say "I told you so", can I?
It definitely wants to be white.

Mary Anne in Kentucky