Friday, January 16, 2009

More cards than occassions?

I have made ten more cards (or more) making my total about 25 cards in three days, while working and everything else!

I have already mailed three (ones pictured in previous crazy card post).

Gave one monogrammed one to a client, sent one (didn't photograph) to Duncan's classmate for his birthday.

Made one for my son's bus driver to give to her hubby for V-day.

A monogram one for Daryl~ Am hoping I can find someone who is having a girl for this one!

Made this very whimsical, yet simple Valentine!

I also realized I made SEVERAL Thank you cards. Daryl says this says good thinks about me having a grateful spirit, I hope so. However, I think it says I have a compulsive spirit!

This simple and elegant one is my favorite so far!

So I sit around hoping for a reason to send a card, despite being postally challenged.
This one I can hope I will NOT need, but if someone feels badly, I hope this one will cheer them RIGHT up! This is way fun!


solarity said...

Oh, stop tempting me! I have two houses to finish moving out of, and then I can start sorting all the family papers from my parents' basement, and after that I can start sewing again--I have enough fabric waiting for me to make clothes for years. But those cards are so pretty!

Mary Anne in Kentucky

gotsnoopy said...

Hey! Where is that cuter than cute Snoopy one?

Love your cards Chez!

Tanya said...

Great cards and I love to thrift shop also. You just never know what you're going to find that inspires you in a new direction. I'm also a Dave Ramsey nut! I'm with ya sista!

Joy said...

What cute cards. I need to get my stuff out and start making some.
Your husband and the doggy look so comfy there.