Thursday, January 29, 2009

Snow place like home

Indiana doesn't usually get HUGE amounts of snow. We get three or four inches, it melts, we get two more and so on. Apparantly, it has been 13 years since we got 11 inches in ONE snow storm. It was THIS year, the year we moved to the country and don't have a tractor yet! :D

Here if you enlarge this phot you can see the black poodle (Tye) running and followed by Pupstar and they LOVE it.

You can see here that Stars chest doesn't even clear the snow, she has to "Bound" through it. Look at how happy that 'silver laced' dog seems.

This is just the view from our driveway!
Sun setting over the 'arena'....which will not thaw until April, most likely. I wish I had Jakey trained to pull a sleigh, this would be FUN!

Very pretty, better than Dead grass and I am trying to enjoy it's beauty and not start counting until Spring already!


Daryl said...

CUTE Pup star! Looks like fun on feet!

(Welcome to my world with all that snow.Get another foot and we'll be twins!)

Joanne Kennedy said...

It is so pretty! The puppies look so cute in the snow. Did they like it or hate it? I have one dog that I think would love it. He goes out and plays in the rain every chance he gets. Then I have another dog that hates when it's cold but you can find him outside laying in the 100 degree sun.