Monday, January 5, 2009


I have been lax at posting, mostly because the Duncan bear is out of school. I contemplated writing about my 'resolutions' for this year, but most of those our 'typical'. Lose some weight, go to the gym more, renew my passport, ride in some clinics, compete in a horse show, pay off more debt, read the bible and pray more.... you know the drill.

Today the idea for a topic skimmed across the waters of my mind as I contemplated a letter to write to Grace (Our Compassion sponsor child in Tanzania). I often contemplate the effect that what we consider mundane, must have on her. For instance, my home is likely as large as her 'school'. We have pets we raise for 'fun' and not profit or food. I have a horse and am not some sort of royalty. So I contemplated a photo I could send her and thought about blogging about those thoughts. I blew the skimming thought off the water and went back to more 'serious' thoughts, like how many dogs do I have to groom tomorrow?

Then I came into the shop and found a post at the nestingplace and her 'resolutions'. Within her resolutions she mentions that if you are reading this (having internet) you are wealthier than 96% of the world. The skimming thought, plopped right down into my mind and began to ripple the surface.

I have had many times that God reminds me of how blessed we are. I once sent Grace a 10 dollar (yes TEN) gift for her Birthday through Compassion. I got a sweet letter and a photo of her with a suitcase and a new dress. I didn't think much about the suitcase until I read the letter. She was going on about how she got herself a new outfit and a box to keep her clothes in. I thought she meant a dresser until it hit me. That suitcase, odd colored and 'carry on' size actually made her WEALTHY among her own family. Noone else in her family had such a thing. My ten dollars bought her a dress she would wear for a school year and then some and a suitcase. We do not realize just how wealthy we are!

I contemplate that Grace's home is probably smaller than my sunroom and she lives there with her siblings and parents.

Today as you are thinking 'serious' thoughts about all you must do, count your blessings.


Anonymous said...

Chez love your header on your blog!

THank you for the post- we are so blessed and take so much for granted. We recently sponsored a child and I really need to sit down and write a letter to Wasili- He's only 4 so I think I have put it off as I am not sure really what to say but will try!


Joanne Kennedy said...

I'm really happy I read your post. I was just thinking about not having money to spend like I used to. Yet I can look around me and see I have everything a person could ever need. Maybe not want but surely need.

I am blessed.

Thank you for reminding me!