Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Carried Away

I went to Goodwill to look yesterday! (Surprise?) I spend 1.70. I bought a mug for my aunt and a card making kit. The kit was new, but opened and from Target. It was 99 cents! I assumed a few 'bits' were missing and I was right, but MOST of it was there and the main components.
I decided to get it, knowing that ONE card is more than that usually! So, having never really done scrapbooking or self-made cards I figured this was pretty self explanatory.
First, I made a card for a friend, I can NOT show it here, as it is in an envelope and she can't see it on the blog before in person!
Then I made a V'day card for my hubby, ditto to above.
Then I got out some of my tassel clutter and made this for my grandma! This was already two more cards than I had intended to make!

Then I realized I had all my 'stuff' out I may as well make a FEW more! After all, Duncan wouldn't be off the bus for a little while and it was FUN!
So I made another B'day card for another friend. I remembered it was January, but didn't remember it was TODAY....Thank God I got obsessed yesterday! LOL Most of the stuff came in the kits, but I used ribbons and other 'goodies' from my existing stuff. This was when I got carried away. I ended up making 13 of the fifteen cards yesterday! I have already mailed two, have three waiting for closer to appropriate dates and so on.I am sort of glad I got carried away and I wish I had more friends so I could make some more without being excessive!

Oh, and then I got Duncan on the bus this morning and made two final ones! Now I am truly out of cards to make, although I still have thoughts and goodies for when I buy more blank cards. Honestly, if the weather wasn't yucky here I would probably be at Target right now buying more stuff!
This was my final one, for a newlywed couple. I would have liked to do pink or white lettering, but this is what I had!
You think I have lost my mind? Anyone need to buy cards so I have an excuse to make more? LOL


solarity said...

I think this is contagious--I have an awful feeling I'll be digging around in the basement for things to make cards with instead of getting on with the moving....

Mary Anne in Kentucky

Daryl said...

I just hope one of those is for me! I DO have a birthday coming up...