Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Rain and Roses

We have had alot of rain this year. We were fairly annoyed with it in April when we had rain something like 20 out of 30 days. My horses were mired in mud, my heart was aching for sunshine, but now it seems worth it.

This rose was at our house when we bought it (seven years ago?) and I didn't know it was a 'climber' so I fought with it and tried to prune it and just in general didn't understand 'her'. Then I read an article about climbing roses and that you don't trim them back even in cold climates...and ta da.... She is so much happier. I would love to move her to our new house, but can't decide if it is worth her suffering again. Since we still own the property, she stays put for now.

Here is a lovely shot of one of the blooms after the rain. This climber only blooms for a week or two and it does it intensely. I guess it is another reminder to appreciate things.

Take time to smell your roses, be the literal or figurative, today.

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Daryl said...

How pretty! Do your roses have a nice scent?