Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Last Day of School!

A bitter sweat day, to be sure. Duncan finished school this year. I think it would be fourth grade if he went to typical school. So this summer he will turn 11, become a fifth grader and hopefully enjoy a good summer of fun on our six acres.
I have to openly admit I dread summer. With no daycare, no nearby family to help and a business to run summer makes me anxious. Duncan and I have a ton of fun and I thoroughly enjoy watching him romp and play. I will miss my lunches with my friends and finished my 'lunch season' with lunch with my Grandma today.
Duncan has made huge progress since three years ago when hise life went topsy turvy and so each summer is easier, but it still feels me with anxiety.
My focus will be on the 'day by day' of this summer. Enjoying the good, downplaying the bad and hoping for some mundane.

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Daryl said...

Here is wishing you just LOADS of mundane. I LOVE mundane.