Thursday, June 4, 2009

Fleeting Flora

Here is one of my favorites!

Peony (or however you spell it in your neck of the woods).
I got all these plants minus one when they built our new library. Progress always has a cost and our cost was a beautiful home with a gorgeous garden. Luckily, the library had a sale. They sold by the bag for next to nothing. I got several (eight?) Peonies, several Iris and a few others. This was the first year they really came back to 'full glory'. The five year wait was worth.
I do hate that the blooms are so heavy they drag down their stems, but the glory of those few gorgeious days is awe-inspiring. I didn't know colors when I got them and ended up with pale pink and white. I dream of finding the dark pink some day to plant, as it is the color of the ones from my childhood yard.
These are another item I leave here at the shop and may or may not take with me, to the farm, some day.One thing about all this fleeting flora it sure makes you wake up and pay attention each day.
One day they are merely buds, the next full blooms and then one big rain storm and they are battered shells of their former selves. I have no time to mourn the Peonies because today my first Tiger Lily opened up. Those guys will show all the way until nearly fall and then my surprise lilies and then the color of the Autum.
Take some time today and enjoy the fleeting Flora in your area. Maybe next blog I will talk about all the Fauna I have been finding, too! :D


solarity said...

Five years! I'd better get busy with moving mine to the new house! Three different colors: two different whites (one with red centers) a pale pink, and a dark red.

Mary Anne in Kentucky

Anonymous said...

My peonies bloomed this year!!! Yea! I never could grow them down in NM but they are doing wonderful here in CO! Your yard is looking gorgeous!! I have seen some people use a tomato cage around their peonies to keep the stems from flopping- just a thought!


Candy-Faith..... from Simply Pretty said...

Those are sooo pretty :)