Saturday, June 6, 2009

Lightening Bugs!

You may call them fireflies, here we call them "lightening bugs". No matter what you call them they are fascinating and I find myself endlessly enthralled by their nightly dance. I saw a few this week and I a propelled back in time to my childhood. I remember hours of chasing, catching and releasing them.

This has been a week of beautiful NIGHTS....unseasonably cool a nearly full moon. I have enjoyed going to the barn at dusk and watching night set while my horses munch their supper. I actually got up a few nights ago thinking there was a barn light on, but the moon was so bright it just seemed so.

Take a moment tonight to gaze at the sky and if you have fireflies....maybe recapture your youth by grabbing a Mason jar and start chasin'!

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Joanne Kennedy said...

I have never seen one in person before and would love to one day do so. I recall my mom telling me stories when she was a little girl and they would chase them and catch them...only they weren't so nice. They used to take the part that lit up and pull it off and use it as a diamond ring.

Once she got old enough to know better she said it made her sick to think of doing that.

I think it's kind of funny thinking about a kid who one day wakes up and thinks about what they did then getting sick over it.