Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I intentionally bought a wreck

If you aren't familiar with cakewrecks the blog, it is time you go there and be prepared to laugh.

I love that blog, I browse our local Kroger for wrecks and often they oblige. They have ugly Cupcake Cakes (CCCs) (*patooey), horrid icing colors and the What the heck factor often.

Well, for Father's day I actually INTENTIONALLY bought a wrecky one (there were many to choose from) for my hubby.

Here it is!

It is a nearly perfect wreck example. .... Shiny icing. Blob 'dad' wearing sumo hair, no face. Shiny dad is lying in a hammock nay air mattress, hanging from twigs with pom poms for leaves. I thought at first those were badly done "M" birds above his head, but alas they are supposed to be ZZZ's but apparantly icing snores do not self-right! Hence they are "N's" LMBO!

It only needed a little MORE wreckiness.....so they added...PLASTIC Flotsam! It did save them misspelling father, dad, day or adding 1000 exlamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

I need to say...the cake was a tasty wreck and I think some of the funniest was that I hadn't mentioned it's wreckiness and some guests attempted to be kind and say "oh nice cake" I had a hard time not peeing my pants! Okay...go see more wrecks.....You will love it!


C. Beth said...

Clicked on you from Cake Wrecks. Hilarious--that is a great wreck! You should use the link on her site to send it to her--wouldn't be surprised to see it used next year.

C. Beth said...

(I got a wreck on her site one time--one that I intentionally bought. It was the proudest moment of my life.)


Aurelas said...

I love the sumo hair! I really think you should send this one in...I'm sure it will be featured on Cakewrecks!