Monday, June 29, 2009

An unlikely home

When I moved to our house in November I dragged along this birdhouse. It was a gift from our good friends, Becky and John a few years ago when they moved.
If you can see in the picture it is precariously suspended just how I quickly put it in the tree. Hanging from those two twigs.
It is a cute little metal decorative birdhouse, don't you think?

Well, we are NOT the only ones who thought so.....
Use your imagination, as you are about to see 'nekkid' baby birds.

Okay that is a nekkid baby bird. Yes that baby bird is inside that heart-shaped opening, in that decorative birdhouse. That baby bird has three siblings. There are four cramped in that space.
Okay, it gets better. These are not HOSPS (house sparrows) or some other troublesome, nest anywhere kind of babes. Those are.............
Eastern BLUEBIRD babies. Their mother protests loudly when we sit in the back yard near HER house.
For those that don't know...there are RULES for Bluebird houses. Things like, near a medow (nope), a certain height (nope), a X circumfrence opening (Nope, a heart) and so on. Well, apparantly this bluebird momma wanted something a little fancier. LOL
I have two other known Eastern blueburd nests (in appropriately correct boxes) on the property, one with an unknown number of babies and one with five. So we have quite the nursery going on.
Sorry for the quality of the baby pic, I refused to really agitate the house. After she fledges these guys I am going to tie that house up better so if she wants the house next year she can have it. LOL


Tanya said...

Oh how sweet. I love bluebirds. Sounds like you have a perfect place for them.

rita said...

Lucky you. That's so special. Isn't it amazing where birds will nest? Obviously she felt your house was a safe haven. Have fun watching them fledge.

Gina @ The Shabby Chic Cottage said...

What a cute birdhouse!