Friday, June 12, 2009

Aging gracefully?

For some reason in the last few weeks I have been noticing 'lines' across my face. They say they are a sign of wisdom but it is making me cranky! It seems I should not still get the occassional acne outbreak AND laugh lines. ALso how did I get these worry furrows in my head AND laugh lines. It's wrong!

I have NO clue what 'gracefully' means...but I am gonna try 'kicking and fighting'. I am going to start slathering on the sunscreen, getting to the gym, drinking tons of water and using more moisturizers. I don't think I will win the war, but I shall battle, nonetheless. Also, maybe this will encourage me to go to the gym more, so people won't notice? LOL

1 comment:

Sean Patrick said...

Gracefully???? bwahahahaha :)