Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A turtle summer

I don't know if turtles are making a come-back, if we just had alot of rain, turtles are suicidal or what, but I have moved A LOT of turtles across roads this summer.
I did not photograph them all. I have moved MOSTLY Eastern Box Turtles. All male but two...and all pretty typical sized. Actually the one above trucking across I didn't touch, b/c he/she was nearly across the road I just parked near her and made sure she didn't get hit.

The one in this above picture I photographed b/c my friend Rachel is a fellow turtle rescuer and it was her birthday...so this was her gift! :D
I found one very small one....smaller than the cupped part of my palm. I don't know why they are about, my guess, since most are male is the typical male preoccupation with ES EE EX (not spelling that on my blog so I get all sorts of searches).

This one I found YESTERDAY. SHE (female) was near alot of construction on one of our main roads I took her into the place I buy feed so the casheir could take her to their pond. She is a painted turtle and I had never seen one so large, hence the water bottle for comparison sake.
I did not count turtles this summer, my estimate is 20....just me. There were two already killed I got off the road, one I hit myself on a highway and one that died of an upper respiratory infection in my care. (waiting to get the the wildlife rehabber).
There is also the dove I found hit on the interstate, now living in an undisclosed location with some quail in an aviary....she had a broken wing.
What kind of summer was/is yours?

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Hi Fellow Turtle Saver!!
Thanks for saving them!! This year I haven't seen any of them trying to cross the road by my house. Last year I saved 2 of them.
Deb :)