Thursday, August 13, 2009

Beauty even after a storm?

A week ago we had a pretty bad storm. I don't know if they ever decided if there was a Tornado touchdown in our nearby town, but if there was the path it took ran about 1/2 mile south of my farm and lost power for a few days. We were lucky, as was our whole area, no humans were killed or even hurt.

We pulled several limbs off of our fence, had a friend come and tack down some barn roofing that blew up and generally cleaned up alot of branches here and there.(here my ancient girl, Reckless, surveys the damage)
Somehow I find beauty in the work of nature, though, dead trees tumbled so that new ones can get light in the canopy, so termites and other wood-eaters can have a meal and so little animals will find shelter.

I wonder if the grasshopper thinks a tulip poplar branch in his backyard is good or bad?

We found this feather, we think Hawk laying among the downed branches. Without the storm, would I have ever found it?

Another unsung beauty of crisis...PEOPLE....everyone had SOMEONE out helping them, people were stopping each other to ask how they fared, and people were just generally NEIGHBORS on our road, more so than usual.

When was the last time you admired a green acorn? SO high in the trees, hidden by leaves? NEVER? SO I took this photo just for YOU!
However, feet, mere feet from that downed tree that Reckless was sniffing is my bluebird box safe and sound. This is the second set of eggs (that I have noted). The first set fledged about a month ago. I will go back in a few days and see if she had MORE or if they have yet to hatch.

Also this nest in a tulip poplar came down. It was likely uninhabited. It is some unknown species. everyone keeps saying hummingbird, but those are HUGE tulip poplar leaves and the nest is bigger than something else builds cup nests covered in Lichen? Anyone know?

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Daryl said...

Beautiful photos!
I, too, admire the beauty of storms... before, during and after.