Saturday, August 8, 2009


These guys (plus a few with no panes) were in my barn loft. I had begun hosing them down before I took the picture, but wanted to leave some cobwebs for your viewing pleasure!

I don't know what/where they are going, but I am IN LOVE. I wish I were talented I would build a cool cabinet for the tall skinny one!


Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

What a fantastic find! I am so coveting your window panes. I've been on the look out for window panes for over a year but can't seem to find one that really "hits" me or is cheap enough that I don't feel bad spending the $$$
Can't wait to see what you create. Have lots of fun with them! I know you will!

solarity said...

A cool cabinet with all three of them, plus drawers to bring the two smaller ones up to the height of the taller one, would be triple cool. Not that I'm advising you to go off and apprentice yourself to a cabinet maker or anything.

Mary Anne in Kentucky

Daryl said...

My "found" window is now a mirror. I had the mirror put in behind the panes of old,wavy glass. It is one of my favorite things.
Good find! Daryl


Hi Chez!!!
Awesome could make a fairy house!!!
The kids don't start school here until Sept 8th.
Looks like you have been very busy and I love your "silky" chickens.
Deb :)

Dogwood said...

I am a new blogger as of yesterday. Oh I love your blog. I am so fascinated by those old windows. When we build our garden shed, soon I hope, I want those old windows in it! Thanks. Dogwood