Saturday, August 22, 2009

Feeling Leftout!

I have a decorating conundrum. I see all of your Monograms and I love them.

(like this simple on on Joy's blog)

I want them in my home....but..... there are two different last names at our house. My son and I are hyphenated and my husband is not.
DH would need a big "M" and D and I need our "R". What does a girl do?

My thoughts are...TWO of us are Rs so I could do that, but would my hubby care? If I do "M" people become even more confused as I explain ALL THE TIME that my hyphen makes my name one long word alphabetized in Rs not Ms.

I have ignored rude people about my hyphen and am proud to have married both our names as well as our selves...however, THIS one silly thing irks me.

Any advice fellow bloggers?


Joy said...

Thank you so much for linking to my blog. I'm happy to be able to inspire you---although I'm sorry that it presents quite the dilemma. Have you asked your hubby if he even cares about the monogram issue? You know how men can be---they either have an opinion on our decorating or they could care less.
What if you did a large fancy R with a smaller fancy M curled into the leg(?) of the R. Just an idea.

solarity said...

Do you have to use only one? What are you planning to do with the monogram? If you're going to do something like Joy's project (I love it) couldn't you do three plates: two big ones with an M and an R, and a third smaller one with an R. Or use first name initials.

I'm full of ideas. I foresee a lot of monograms in my future.

Mary Anne in Kentucky

Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said...

That is quite the conundrum! I have no other advice than to say that I agree with Joy. I think it would be really neat to incorporate both like she said.

Good Luck

Dogwood said...

I think it would be really fun to create something quite unique and call it your very own monogram. Don't limit yourself with tradition. Have fun.