Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Lilies that is. These are one of my fave faded and dying. About two weeks ago they popped up and said 'hi'. Each Spring I see their green leaves and think how beautiful these pink gals will be. Then I forget about them about mid-Summer and am happily suprised by the seemingly instantanious growth of stem and flower. I wish they lasted longer, but I am not sure I would love them as much if I had them all summer.

In our area they are often called "N A K E D Ladies" (sorry again don't want that to be a search engine hit here LOL).


Dogwood said...

I love those Naked Ladies. The pink color is so soft and sweet. We have them in CA. Especially in Santa Cruz. I love seeing them growing along the seaside. They are a funny plant~how the flowers pop up and smile.

Anonymous said...

I dug up some of these from my husbands grandparents yard years ago in California! After seeing your post I realized I didn't dig them back up when we moved from NM to CO- :( - They sure are pretty!