Thursday, February 19, 2009

10 Minute Room Makeover

The Nester has been doing 10 minute room makeovers. As a fellow FLYBABY much of what I needed to do, I knew, but it is good to have someone remind me.

I cleaned up my bedroom, moved a few things around and have been keeping my bed made. (sans pillows since the PUPPY eats them). I have been more adamant about the way I like my living room. (my hubby likes to move the seating where it is CLOSE to the TV.

Like most FLYbabies when I fall 'off the wagon' it starts with my kitchen sink and my morning swish/swipe. I had let them go. So here I am in all my imperfect glory showing you my bathroom.

We got possession of this house November 1st, then there was painting the kitchen cabinets, moving the horses, building a chicken coop (by myself), plumbing problems which are only partially resolved, Thanksgiving, Christmas, new kitten, new dog and then....where did the time go. I have gotten very little of my 'goals' done. I think if Jake (my DHs lovely horse) would stop knocking down a section of fence I would get more done!

This bathroom wants a total overhaul at some point. There is a laundry area in it with ugly acordian doors, a weird door covering the plumbing access, an old chimney chase boxed in that can be removed to gain space, ugly tile, weird layout and ...... well YOU KNOW how that goes.
I considered NOT doing this 'in public'....I was worried everyone's bathrooms would be nicer, better done etc....but thanks to years of FLYwashing and Nester's prodding I will enjoy the little progress too!
The first before picture! I need to put some stuff away....YES. Why is my shirt hanging where towels are supposed to be? LOL This is embarrassing!Worse yet? Okay so the new toilet paper made it TO the bathroom and into it's basket, but clearly putting that roll on the roller and straightening up was too hard. In my defense, I was probably chasing Duncan through the house at the same time.
I am not even sure this counts as a makeover. Aside from the 'thingamajig' on the counter that I got at Goodwill for 49cents nothing is new. It is now tidy and clean and feels alot better though so It counts!
So for my next trick I used these two askew pictures to hide the TP in the basket and don't worry the metal bowl and candlestick are not supposed to stay on the toilet, I just wanted them in the picture because I plan to get a little table next to the sink to sit them on and put some more plants in the metal bowl ($2 goodwill) The picture doesn't do them justice.
So I may officially have the 'weakest' makeover on the block, but I don't care! LOL
I also took a picture of the horrendous trim in the bathroom add the little window with the 'tealesque' curtain and I gag just walking in there. Oh btw, the walls are PEACH. YUCK!
The pictures I have hanging were given to me by grandma, who is downsizing, I actually like them alot and will do my final scheme in those more neutral colors. Also intend to replace that yucky oak toilet seat, paint the cabinet, paint the mirror frame etc...
However, it is those "BIG makeover" thoughts that prevents me making it a little nicer. Thank you again Nester for reminding me that BLESSING my house doesn't mean making it perfect. Take that inner-perfectionist I am showing my toothpaste on the intertubes! :D


solarity said...

That ceiling border is cringe-worthy. The rest of it looks like some paint would help until you have time/money/energy to do the major makeover. (Speaking as someone who spent ten years quite happy with the plywood underfloor in the upstairs half-bath. Don't take me too seriously here!)

Mary Anne in Kentucky

Rachel said...

You have to get very creative for small bathrooms. I know that difficulty!

Good work!

Crafty Niche said...

You did a great job with what you had. :) My bathroom is getting a total makeover one day too!

Tricia Anne said...

Super job! I love the tidiness of it all! :o)
Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

The Nester said...

You used the pictures to hide the TP!!!!

I love you!

Anonymous said...

Great job- I think I could give you a run for your money on comparing my bathroom with yours- how's 50 peach and black tile throughout! Wouldn't be so bad if they would just stay up on the walls and not keep falling off here and there!! Oh well-I love that it is my bathroom and will someday get a makeover. THanks for sharing your pictures- my bathroom has the toothpaste out most of the time unless company's coming!


Sara F. said...

Yeah! Finally a bathroom that is about the same size as mine. I've seen so many wonderful ideas but couldn't imagine doing anything creative with my tiny bathroom. You have proven me wrong! Thank you!

jenjen said...

You did a good job with a small space. I like that you hid the TP under the pictures. Very creative!


Jodi said...

I'm with you - the clutter can be a if I could just keep it under control ALL the time! LOL great job!

koehmstedt said...

Very nicely done! Clutter is my enemy, too.

Sun-Kissed Savages said...

Small bathrooms are a challenge! Your before picture looks like my back bathroom now. I still haven't tackled that room yet, but this post gives me some hope! :-)
You know, it all looks great (!!)...but I can't help wondering what your wood would like like if it was all painted black. I know, I know, who has time? I'd like to paint my back bathroom wood black, too, but I may never get to it.... so many other projects await.

Pajama Mama said...

the waekest makeover? ha! you crack me up! even babysteps are worth it and i'm sure you feel so much better each time you step into the room-so it was worth it! looks great!