Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mistreating the bathroom?

After sprucing up the bathroom I decided that I would GET RID of that horrid border (below)that I hated and mistreat the lone bathroom window. I case you are worried I am being mean to the window check out more of Nester's stuff to see what I mean my 'mistreat'.
Here is a lovely view of the window from when we were looking at the house. This was, think the second time I saw the house. They just cut th border to 'fit'... LOL
Here is right before I mistreated. Sadly this 'teal' looks better in pictures than real life. Since the lighting isn't great...I wish you could hate it as much as I did! LOL
Here is my 'first' go. The fabric is thinner than what I would like in a permanent 'treatment', but this is a MISTREATMENT!
I used the existing rod, hot glue, my fabric and ribbon.
Here is my final choice. The thought was to do a 'roman shade' type thing, but in the end I just wanted to cover the ugly and have some 'happy' in the room.
Leaving it oversized and folding it under hidles the window frame's need of trimming out.
My inner perfectionist (IP) about had a heart atack that I was posting this.
I am happy to have my pretty little mistreatment for the time being and knowing how "IP" wants me to do so many things it may be 'not so temporary'.
Oh and as for the 'fold' if you don't like it come iron it. I figure six hot showers and it will be gone! LOL
I hd a few extra flowers from my ribbon so I added them to a hand towel. I can't tell you how happy that makes me...silly but happy.
I hot glued them too! I will sew them on before I wash it, don't worry!

Now, onto other things, I really need to get the spare/craft room unpacked, I mean I have been in the house nearly four months. :P


Anonymous said...

You've done a great job in 4 months! I love the little flowers and how creative to use the extras on a towel!

THanks for the info on the link thing. Can you do this when you are working on a post? I was creating a new post and tried what you told me but no little world came up when I clicked. SHould I write it in a word doc or something then copy it over to the blog entry?


Daryl said...

Attagirl! I love it!


solarity said...

Kill the border! Yay! (coming from the woman who lived with the ugly border in her bedroom for ten years rather than get up on a step ladder under a sloping roof. Er, um.)

Mary Anne in Kentucky