Friday, February 20, 2009

It's been awhile

...since I had a good "haul" at Goodwill. I went and spent 20 dollars the other day. I love when you can leave with five bags and have dropped a twenty dollar bill. :-D

In my post from yesterday the metal bowl and the candlestick were found as well as the pedastal thingy where the soap is residing. Add that two 'doily/lace' throw pillows in white, that need a good laundering. (99c each).

Here is the rest!

Okay, admission I have NO need of a soccer 'slate'. However, this is a heavy duty slate background and the original price was nearly $30. I got it for 1.99. I will either find a soccer mom to gift it...OR.....I will repaint the base and make a cute sign suited to someone I love, maybe even ME!

The 'brassesque' candle holder is HEAVy and pretty shaped, I will likey paint it one color another and drag out the Rub N Buff. There is the adorable cherub ring holder, also in need of a paint ($1? I think, maybe even 49c).

Here is another pic of the ring holder and the little butterfly. I have a small collection brewing of those cheapy/uggy butterflies. (and again) I think there may be something to the 'imagery' of change for a butterfly and my drawn to finding them and making them PRETTY again. I may need some counseling on this point.

So, best for last, those canister set. 1.99 each. Honestly, I wish they had been a tiny bit chaper but $8 for the whole set? I intend to repaint the tops (they all have their little rubber seals, btw). I am contemplating stenciling words on them "FLOUR, SUGAR...." etc... My other thought is to buy cute shabby chic appliques such as these.

Any thoughts?

I have so little counter space I am thinking that I may be able to put them up on the top shelves of my cabinets and still have accessible, pretty and CHEAP.

I think I may have to do a quick ten minute redo on the top of that cabinet over to hide the fire extinguisher, but not forget where I hid it?


Anonymous said...

Great finds for you $20! and good for you that you have a fire ext. I don't know where mine is!

I was given an award that I would love to pass on to you! On my blog I gave to all who read as I just can't give it to just 10 of my blogging buddies. But if I did ever follow rules you would be one that I list so would you come by and pick it up?

Would you be able to help me with a little blog help? I noticed when you mentioned about the appliques instead of the link address showing it was just part of your sentence ant you click on that word and it brings you to the link. I have no idea how to do that - (Ex on my blog when I mentioned Vanna giving me award- It would be nice to just have her name the link instead of having to have that ugly address there. ) Could you tell me how you do that?


Crafty Niche said...

Great Goodwill finds! Oh how I wish I could find a canister set for my pantry! I'll have to keep looking. :) Thanks for visiting my blog and the tip on green bedding. :)